Memories of Summer Fun
are fading fast…

Replace them with
Fantastic Fall Adventures!

Flat Twine

The all-purpose tool to
take the aggravation and fuss
out of all of your activities

Make your day fun and care free – just take a roll of Flat Twine with you
and head out

Ties tighter then twine without a knot

Sticks only to itself –
no adhesive residue

Great stretchability – makes it easy
to use, economical
and provides a tight, strong hold

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Back at school and ready for projects?

Need a reliable, easy to use and safe product to get the job done right?



Tear by hand –
just like a sheet of paper

No dispenser, no scissors,
no knife needed

Thick and tough for all applications

Strong adhesive

Works inside and outside

No rot or decay like duct tape

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Available at Ace,
True Value,
Do It Best,
and Orgill hardware stores

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As Fall rolls in and hurricane season continues to create havoc –
now is a good time to look at products that can help with any clean-up, storage, and moving needs.

Nifty Wrapper

5” x 1000’ Nifty Wrapper features
a built-in unique dispensing system

Strong, tight hold – great stretchability

Sticks only to itself –
no sticky adhesive residue

20” x 1000’ Nifty Wrapper
features a unique dual dispensing system on every roll

For palletizing or wrapping large,
bulky items

Tight, secure hold –
even around uneven items

Great for moving hot water heaters,
air conditioners, furnaces
without muss or fuss

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Nifty Wrapper is available at
leading hardware stores nationwide.

Moving bulky items