Spring rains are washing away the Winter doldrums and ushering in exciting, fun outdoor activities.

Lawn & Garden Planting & Clean-up
Bird Feeder Making & Filling
Camping, Fishing, Hunting
Sports, Hiking, Traveling
And, Winter Clean-up & Storage!!

Flat Twine

This all-purpose tool makes Spring even more fun:
Wrap, bundle, compact, & secure everything for carrying & storage
Sports equipment
Camping gear
Bird seed bags
Garden tools & supplies
The list extends as far
as your imagination.

Watch the video demonstration above to see how easy
Flat Twine is to use.

Check out the links below for more applications.

Sports & Recreation Uses

Lawn & Garden Clean-up
Flat Twine®

Crafters love Flat Twine®!
Check out this review
from CraftHaul.com

No more dispensers
No more scissors
No more biting tape
No more knives

Use Nifty Hand Tear Tape


Serrated edge for easy tearing

Strong, thick tape with aggressive adhesive

Works in hot or cold, inside or out

Available at Ace, True Value, Do It Best, Orgill, Hobby Lobby and other leading hardware retailers nationwide.

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Easy As 1 – 2 – 3

Nifty Wrapper
The cleanest, easiest way to remove:
Hot Water Heaters
Air Conditioners
Heat Pumps

Wrap the unit completely in
Nifty Wrapper – trapping dirt, dust, rust and small parts

2. Take the wrapped unit through the house without leaving
behind debris or dirt

3. Take it down the driveway easily for clean disposal


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