Woodworking and Flat Twine -perfect together

Use Flat Twine as a portable vise for all woodworking projects.

Hold your project pieces together while the glue is drying –
even odd shaped or angled pieces

No clamp marks on the wood and no adhesive residue left behind
Flat Twine sticks only to itself)

Built in handle makes it easy to apply, stretch and tension –
economical and strong.

Eliminate the need for multiple size and styles of clamps

Woodworking is hassle free with
Flat Twine at your side.

Check out more information on this multi-purpose tool:

FST11  2” x 178’

FST21  2” x 650’
Flat Twine®

Crafters love Flat Twine®!
Check out this review
from CraftHaul.com


NIFTY Hand Tear Tape (T3761RTL)
is the ideal Teachers Tape

Safe, convenient, easy

Tear by hand to any size

Eliminate scissors and dispensers

Easy to tear

Strong adhesive

Use it for everything:

Decorating the classroom – hang things on windows, bulletin boards, chalkboards

Repairing teaching materials – mending, patching and closing of boxes, books, toys, study aids, artwork

Taping things down to the floor,
table or desk

Easy to tear - no scissors
or dispenser needed means it is safer
for everyone to use.

Available at Ace, True Value, Do It Best, Orgill and other leading
hardware retailers nationwid

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Cold Weather is Coming!

Time to remove the old water heater, heat pump, or furnace

Nifty Wrapper makes it a clean,
no hassle job

Easy as 1…..2…..3

Wrap the unit completely in the
20” x 1000’
Nifty Wrapper

Take the unit through the house cleanly

Out of the house, down the driveway – easy disposal with no loose screws, nuts, bolts, dirt or rust left behind

Comes with a built in dual dispensing system that makes application easy – plus gives you tension
and stretch control

For more information on our
FST72 20” x 1000’ roll

Nifty Wrapper is also available in a convenient 5” x 1000’ roll for smaller jobs and more flexibility in application

FST51 5” x 1000’ Nifty Wrapper

Available at leading
hardware retailers nationwide.