Bundling Film

Banding Film

Convenience Wrap

Whatever you and your customers call it, this category of small rolls of stretch film offers both a diversity of styles and sizes to match a wide variety of everyday and specialty uses.

Variety of applications:

Replaces tape, twine, string, strapping

Use for wrapping and bundling same or different seized objects

Top and bottom banding or girthing of pallets for protection and
load stability

No damage from adhesive residue or cutting into product or pallet

Size and Style Variations:

Check out these links to see 2 in., 3 in. and 5 in. sizes on 3 in. or
extended cores








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Portable Stretch Wrap Dispenser


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Traditional vs. Pre-stretch Film
Finally a clear, simple listing of the features and benefits of each style:

Traditional Industry Standard Film:
Best-selling, hand applied, general purpose

Classic blown film known for
strength and toughness

High puncture and tear resistance makes it ideal for heavy loads

Great stretch and cling for best hold in shipping and storage

Easy to use with or without a dispenser

Strong hold around corners and
great for uneven pallet loads

Click here for more information - F18SF3

Hybrid Pre-stretch Film

Lighter weight rolls are easy to handle and generate less operator fatigue

Reinforced edges for tear resistance –
no nicks or frays

Economical alternative to standard film

Easy to grip without a dispenser

Stiff product means little neck down
in application

Apply walking forward which is safer and more comfortable

Click here for more information - F18BASIC