Strapping Hand Cart & Tools

S160HC-A Hand Cart

Use with poly or steel strapping

Handles 8x8 and 16x6 coils

Attached tray for seals and tools

Heavy duty wheels

Cart is packed in a double wall carton
for safe and dependable shipping
and transport

Pair it with high quality, dependable strapping tools:

Poly tools:

S1100T Tensioner

S3300C  Crimper

Steel tools:

SOM75 Tensioner

SA480/SA680 Crimper

SSC75 Cutter

Kits for poly and steel strapping
also available

Carton sealing TAPE DISPENSER 
with RETRACTABLE blade

The blade is only exposed when the
wipe down flap is pushed back
during application

Keep it simple, keep it safe!

Safety is the number one priority
in the workplace –
the Nifty Safety Dispenser puts safety
in your hands

Available in:

2 inch     D4140ABF

3 inch     D4143ABF

Other features include:

Comfortable foam grip handle

Adjustable brake

Strong metal side plate

Check out the full line of
carton sealing tape dispensers

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NIFTY Pallet Wrap
20” x 1000’ roll

Get to the bottom!

Single extended core allows for easiest access to wrapping all the way
to the bottom of the pallet to
better secure the load.

Included in every case:

1 black u-shaped handle and 1 orange grip for convenient dispensing

Cast film – clear, quiet, strong

Pair it with FNW5
5” x 1000’ single extended core
Handles girthing and palletizing needs