Black opaque stretch film is in stock and ready to ship

Heavy duty blown film –
great around corners and
wrapping odd shaped/uneven pallets

Fully opaque – pilfer resistant

Ideal for inventory and date coding

Very puncture resistant –
we have customers who use it
around concrete block and pavers

Buy as little as one case or
as much as a pallet

18” x 1500’, 4 rolls/case

Winter Doldrums?

Cold, wet weather and dreary gray days…

Clear away the winter blues with


Products that:

Everyone uses or needs

Are competitively priced

Can ship immediately

Are easy to explain and sell

Two of Nifty’s best door openers:

Industrial Grade Markers

What makes them stand out?

Push down tip prevents drying out if the top is left off


Industrial Grade Knives

Selling Points?

Special locking feature – safer to use
Replacement blades easy to install

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The Reviews Are In:
Nifty Poly Strap Pak Kit

Reviewers sited the following reasons they like the kit:

Everything is contained in one box

Instructions are printed right on the box

Instructions include pictures and text and are easy to follow

Easy to band together a bunch of items for moving and shipping

Small businesses love the low cost
and ease of use

Hand pull tool (included in the kit) provides a good grip and easy pull
for tight tensioning without using
an expensive tensioner

Can also easily tension by hand
in many applications

Check out this great kit:

Nifty Products carries an extensive line of poly and steel strapping kits, tools, and accessories.