Whether or not you sell strapping coils, selling the tools for poly and steel strapping is a great way to add/grow an easy profit center.

Strapping tools are easy to explain, require no set up unlike machinery, and everyone who buys strapping coils needs a consistent source for high quality tools.

Hand Cart (S160HC-A)

For poly & steel strapping
Handles 8” x 8” and
16” x 6” core/face coils
Attached tray for seals and tools
6” heavy duty wheels
Double wall box for safer shipping

Poly Tools:

S3300C – crimper
S1100T – tensioner

Steel Tools:

SA480 – ½” crimper
SA680 – ¾” crimper
SOM75 – tensioner
SSC75 – cutter

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More than 90% of all corrugated boxes are recovered for recycling

The average recycled content of a corrugated box is 40%

Many tapes do not work on these “new” surfaces and are failing in use or shipping

For optimum closure of highly recycled content corrugate, including 100% recycled boxes, use

NIFTY Heavy Duty Tape

T3751CL  2” x 55 yd

T3753CL  3” x 55 yd

Providing a consistent seal in a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels, this 3.2 mil heavy duty tape has
a strong, reliable adhesive

Use with any of our wide range of tape dispensers:

D799AB   Economical

D177HD  Heavy Duty

D4140ABF  Safety

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Handheld stretch film for wrapping pallets has been around for decades.

The most popular size is

18” x 1500’, 3” core. 

Now there are more variations and options than ever for this
“standard” film:


Classic blown film – strong and tough
High puncture and tear resistance
Ideal for heavy loads
and uneven pallets


Hybrid, pre-stretch film
Lighter weight roll – less fatigue,
less cost
Avoid load shifting in transport


Black, opaque film
Strongest and most puncture resistant
For inventory dating, pilfer resistance, quality control

Check out the entire line of