Best Door Openers
The best door openers are products that every customer uses, items that are used up and bought again and again, and ones that are easy to recognize without demonstrating.

These door openers provide a foot in the door at new accounts and are the easiest add-ons to increase orders from current accounts.

Cello-Type Tape and Dispenser

T601 tape will not yellow, discolor or dry out and is score slit
for easy tear edges.
D5D dispenser is rugged and durable – ideal for office, back room,
and warehouse.

Industrial Grade Markers

Reliable…Permanent…Fast Drying
Push down the tip to start ink flow – prevents ink drying out if
the top is left off.

Industrial Grade Knives

Breakaway Blades
Special locking feature for safer use

Get the right dispenser
for the right application
and work environment

Heavy Duty Dispensers
D177HD and D377HD

For tough jobs, aggressive handlers,
and heavy use.

Safety Dispensers
D4140ABF and D4143ABF

Safety First!
Blade is only exposed when the wipe down flap is pushed back.
Safe, dependable, sturdy

Economical Dispensers

D799AB and D793AB

Lightweight and Economical
Durable and Dependable
Great for a fast paced environment with diverse staffing and applications.

Don’t forget the tape!

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Looking for a great pallet wrapping system that will ensure a tight, secure hold AND is easy to use
and cost effective?

Nifty® Pallet Wrap System:

Single extended core 20” x 1000’ wrap.

Having a flush bottom on the roll allows you to easily reach the bottom of the pallet ensuring that the product and the pallet
are wrapped securely together. 

The single extended core on top allows for easy wrapping, stretching, and tensioning.

Single extended core 5” x 1000’ wrap.

This handy size is great for top and bottom girthing of the pallet for extra hold and security.

It is especially useful when wrapping uneven loads.

Top extended core aids in guiding, tensioning, and stretching.

The flush bottom of the roll allows for maximum flexibility in working around the pallet load.